How to Install the 2013 English LDS Scriptures

A new edition of the English LDS Scriptures was announced tonight.

The 2013 edition includes revisions to study aids, new photos, updated maps, and adjustments to chapter and section headings.

While print editions won’t be available until later this year, the digital version is available online at and on mobile devices.

For iOS devices, you basically have to go to the Manage Library section and remove all the scriptures, restart the app, and reinstall the scriptures. has more detailed instructions on installing the 2013 LDS English Scriptures (including for Android).

More thoughts on the new scriptures at A Soft Answer.

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General Conference available in PDF and EPUB formats.

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Nice little story of (I believe) the Fashion Place Apple Store bending the rules to help a little girl buy an iPod Touch with her own money. Sounds like they were supposed to be closed at this time for the Apple employee memorial service for Steve Jobs.

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Do you have all the official LDS apps?

Courtesy of LDS Tech is this infographic listing all the official LDS mobile apps and which platforms for which they are available.

Official LDS Mobile Apps iOS ipod iphone ipad

For all platforms you can go to but here are direct links for the iOS versions (all free of course):

LDS Gospel Library
LDS Tools
LDS Scripture Mastery
LDS Youth
Mormon Channel
LDS Music

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Official LDS Music app released for iOS

LDS Tech has more details on the LDS Music app.

LDS Music contains the content of the LDS Hymnbook and Children’s Songbook, with each song presented in two views: the sheet music or simply the text of the verses. The songs are listed by number as well as alphabetically, by topic, by author, and by composer.

LDS Tech further elaborates on future plans for the app and the need for assistance to make them a reality.

Hilton explained that the LDS Music app is just getting started, and this first version is only the basics of what the team would like to do. Future plans for the application include adding music from Seminary video soundtracks and Young Women camp songs, incorporating new features like playlists and audio controls, and making this application available in several languages, starting with Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

The LDS Music app is designed for both the iPhone and iPad.

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Finally, the Mormon app we’ve all been waiting for. Or, to avoid being too parochial, at least for those of us in the Jell-o Belt.

The just released, JELL-O Jiggle-It app.

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LDS Media Talk: Where to watch LDS General Conference. Besides internet streaming, it’s great to get conference on TV via the Mormon Channel on Roku.

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Follow the Doctrine and Gospel of Christ
Elder M. Russell Ballard
November 7, 2010

I come back and ask you again to think of your own life. How are you doing? Is there anything in your life causing you to drift from the teachings of the gospel into the influence of Satan? Are you giving the Lord equal time? You live in a world filled with technology, where there is such easy access to electronic information, entertainment, and social networks on your home computer, your iPad, or your iPhone. No generation before you has had so much technology available at their fingertips. Through Facebook and other social networks you can stay in touch with friends all over the world. While these are marvelous tools, I caution you not to let the use of technology capture your time to the point that you become addicted to constantly using them. Somehow you need to limit their use so they do not steal away from you what is essential, precious, and eternal. . .

Always give the Lord equal time.

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A self-admitted technophobe asks: “Are we too high tech at church?”

The bottom line is we should use what we have and what benefits us in life prudently and with minimal distraction to others. There is a time and a place. Is texting when someone is trying to teach a lesson appropriate? Of course not. Is reading scriptures from something not printed on paper inappropriate? No, and I’m sure I’ll get used to seeing it because it’s becoming more prevalent. Plus, I really shouldn’t care what works for someone else anyway.

All other gadgets used for the sole purpose of entertaining instead of enlightening should be left in the car or at home — unless you are an on-call surgeon, nurse or perhaps an astronaut. Brothers and sisters, a block time is only three hours. Surely you and whatever else is going on can wait.

Having your scriptures in your pocket is mighty convenient. But having them on your phone/tablet alongside all your social communications, games, and any other distraction you can imagine is a new challenge that requires focus and discipline that many of us haven’t developed yet.

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The Church’s official iOS scripture app has been updated to 2.1. LDS Gospel Library for the iPhone and iPod Touch and LDS Gospel Library for the iPad both include the following changes:

  • Annotation backup/synchronization (beta)
  • Tags
  • Bug fixes
  • Memory improvements
  • Spanish & German content
  • Spanish user interface
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