Official LDS Music app released for iOS

LDS Tech has more details on the LDS Music app.

LDS Music contains the content of the LDS Hymnbook and Children’s Songbook, with each song presented in two views: the sheet music or simply the text of the verses. The songs are listed by number as well as alphabetically, by topic, by author, and by composer.

LDS Tech further elaborates on future plans for the app and the need for assistance to make them a reality.

Hilton explained that the LDS Music app is just getting started, and this first version is only the basics of what the team would like to do. Future plans for the application include adding music from Seminary video soundtracks and Young Women camp songs, incorporating new features like playlists and audio controls, and making this application available in several languages, starting with Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

The LDS Music app is designed for both the iPhone and iPad.

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